The ACT Together Program
Creating Community, Providing Emotional Support

The ACT Together Program provides emotional support through wellness, outreach, and engagement activities to create community and greater resident outcomes. In addition, emergency financial assistance is available to families and workers living at our properties earning 80% or below median family income (MFI). The majority of people in this income category have less than a month’s rent in savings, let alone enough to cover utilities, food, car payments, credit card, and/or medical costs. If you earn above 60% MFI, there is no safety net, no rental assistance programs, no government assistance, and severely limited private support.

Programs and Sustainability

Affordable Central Texas (ACT), a 501(c)(3) organization, is the investment manager of the Austin Housing Conservancy. You can support ACT’s mission to preserve workforce housing in Central Texas through your tax-deductible contribution – making a difference in Austin’s workforce, business environment, and continued economic viability.

Donate to Invest

ACT, as an organization, is an investor in the Austin Housing Conservancy Fund. We accept donations that can be directed to be invested into the Fund increasing ACT’s presence and ensuring the long-term viability of the Fund to meet the needs of our workforce residents.

Interested in investing?

Accredited investors can explore how the Austin Housing Conservancy Fund maximizes your portfolio’s social and environmental impact.