Austin Housing Conservancy Fund Releases Inaugural Annual Report – May 2019

The Austin Housing Conservancy Fund (the “Fund”) has released its first annual report.  The 2018 Annual Report summarizes the financial condition of the Fund as well as highlights the stories of two residents at the properties invested in by the Fund.  The Austin Housing Conservancy Fund was launched in 2018 with the addition of the first three properties in its portfolio with 792 units serving over 1,200 residents.  The first of its kind, the Fund is an open ended private equity investment vehicle designed to preserve existing workforce housing in greater Austin to serve the needs of the teachers, first responders, bank tellers and musicians among others in the area’s workforce.  The Fund plans to continue its growth in 2019 with the support of additional individual and institutional investors to eventually meet its goal of preserving 5,000 units in 5 years.

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