The Fund

The Austin Housing Conservancy is an open-ended social impact private equity fund for high-net-worth individuals, family offices, private foundations, institutional investors, Bank CRA programs, larger foundations and others. Unlike other impact investment funds, which invest in enterprises with social or environmental missions, the Austin Housing Conservancy Fund is the first to invest long-term equity directly in the problem it endeavors to solve: moderate and middle-income housing affordability. Our mission is to purchase and preserve multifamily properties to maintain affordable rental rates for our community’s teachers, first responders, medical professionals and others vital to Austin’s day-to-day livability and success. With a flexible, discretionary investment strategy, the Fund delivers to investors high single-digit financial returns, as well as social and environmental outcomes that directly benefit Austin’s working professionals.

Fund Characteristics

Investment Profile
Investment Profile

Purchase existing market-affordable multifamily communities

Invest in geographically diverse, transit-rich, high-opportunity areas near jobs, good schools and healthy food options

Target housing serving residents earning between 60% and 120% median income

At least half the residents in the fund portfolio will earn 80% of median income or less



Purchase and preserve 5,000 workforce units over the next five years

Partner with experienced, high-quality, mission-driven operators and managers

Leverage open-ended fund structure for multiple capital raises and closings as needed

Stable, low risk current yields with high single digit long-term returns

Any shared profits received by the sponsor, ACT, are reinvested in The Fund

Limited Partner Advisory Committee

The Austin Housing Conservancy Fund is counseled by a five-member LPAC tasked with overseeing the valuation process‚ÄĒincluding the selection of valuation firms‚ÄĒand approving annual net asset value.


Interested in Investing?

Accredited investors can explore how the Austin Housing Conservancy Fund maximizes your portfolio’s social and environmental impact.