Invest in
Austin's People,
Austin's Housing.

Join the Austin Housing Conservancy’s $50 million capital raise to protect workforce housing for Austinites.

Make money. Feel good. Preserve what makes Austin special.


Austin is a special place because of its people.

The musicians, artists, and food truck owners are what make our city unique. The teachers, nurses, and first responders are what make our city work. They’re more than essential workers, they’re essential Austinites.
But the city’s rising cost of living is driving them out. And that means Austin risks losing the “it” factor that drew us all here in the first place.

Austin has an affordability crisis.
The Austin Housing Conservancy has a market answer.

The Austin Housing Conservancy is a private market-based ESG fund that addresses the challenge of rising rents squeezing out our workforce—and it’s working.

Our solution is simple, efficient, and socially conscious.

  • Open-ended social impact private equity fund
  • Raised, funded, deployed in Central Texas
  • Low risk, low volatility returns
  • First-ever open-ended fund to preserve moderate-to middle-income housing
  • Fast, agile, and flexible
  • Wraparound services for residents
  • Proven concept ready to scale
  • Institutional quality investment vehicle
The rising cost of middle-income housing is a market problem, and we need to use the market as part of our solution. This is an institutional quality investment that delivers returns, but more than that, it delivers results. If Austin is going to have the bright future it's capable of, we must solve middle-income housing and the Austin Housing Conservancy has already shown that it can make a difference. That is why I invested, and I hope you will join me.



We’ve Proven the Concept. We’re Ready to Scale.

The Conservancy has purchased multiple apartment communities that are already driving investor returns while ensuring housing is in reach for moderate- and middle-income essential Austinites.
agave apartment building
apartment interior


map of properties

With several successes and a proven concept, the Fund is now ready to scale up and raise $50 million to purchase and preserve 5,000 workforce units over the next 5 years.

This is an opportunity to maintain our unique culture, foster economic growth, and earn a return. It’s social impact investing at its best—make a difference and make a profit.

$50 Million Raise Advisory Committee

  • Ken DeAngelis
  • John Berkowitz
  • Baker Harrell, PhD
  • Ashley Hunter
  • John McKinnerney
  • Anne Smalling
  • Kirk Watson
  • Greg Weaver


An ESG Fund that Delivers Returns & Makes an Impact

To date, ACT has leveraged $11 million to preserve five multifamily properties totaling $200 million in value with approximately 1,200 units and 1,800 residents. Since inception, the fund has returned over 9% to investors and ensured stable housing with better health, economic, transit, and job outcomes to Austinites.
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chart return value

The Return

  • Total annual return for 2021: 16.1%
    • Unrealized gain of 12.6% in net asset value
    • 3.5% return in quarterly cash distributions, recently increased to 4%
  • Returns in excess of 5% to be split 50/50 between investors  and ACT, the non-profit. Non-profit return will be reinvested  into the Fund.

ESG Fund Features

  • Passive Cash Flow
  • Accelerated depreciation and tax benefits/li>
  • Low volatility
  • Low principal risk
  • A hedge against inflation
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Investment in a tangible hard asset without management liability
  • PA positive impact on the Centra Texas Community

The Research

As an investment vehicle, Moderate Income Rental Housing (MIRH) delivers consistent, predictable returns, demand for affordable rental housing is surging, and interest in ESG-focused investments is growing. MIRH compares favorably in terms of its return and has a lower variation in total returns from year to year (risk) since 2011 as compared to other common asset classes.
Terricina apartment building
apartment interior



Austin is experiencing exponential growth in the technology sector. With the influx of wealth and high paying jobs, comes an increase in prices across all housing sectors exacerbating Austin’s rental affordability crisis. Lorrie and I were early investors in the Austin Housing Conservancy, and we increased our investment in the Fund not only because they are on mission, but they have shown proof of concept and a successful business model. We will lose what makes Austin unique if rental affordability isn’t maintained for teachers, creatives, and other essential workers. I hope you will join us.


Founding Investors

  • Amherst Residential, LLC
  • Sandra & Joe Aragona
  • Austin Community Foundation
  • Corrinne & Steve Bowers
  • Suzanne Bryant & Sarah Goodfriend
  • Sean Bukowski
  • Jane & Phil Capron
  • Carden Family Trust
  • Carly & Clayton Christopher
  • Martha & Greg Clay
  • Edie & Cotter Cunningham
  • Lorrie & Ken DeAngelis
  • Chris Dischinger
  • Carol & Sandy Dochen
  • Endeavor Group Affordable
  • Robert Epstein
  • Susan & Gary Farmer
  • Jolynn H. Free
  • BJ Friedman
  • Frost Bank
  • Doria & Jay Hanna
  • Harman-Mayes-Sooch Family Fund
  • Craig & Molly Hughes
  • Luci Baines Johnson & Ian Turpin
  • Jeanne & Mickey Klein
  • Perry Lorenz
  • Carla & Jack McDonald
  • Brad McKenzie & Mark McKenzie
  • Anne & John McKinnerney
  • Michael and Susan
    Dell Foundation
  • Yolanda & Mike Patino
  • Presidium Group, LLC
  • Daphne & Steve Pyhrr
  • Hamilton Rial
  • Walter Robb
  • Anne & Rich Smalling
  • Dave Stauch
  • Karen Swenson & Ken Cauthern
  • Texas Capital Bank
  • Liz & Kirk Watson
  • Jessica & Greg Weaver
  • Diana Weihs & Jim Tai
  • Gail Whitfield
  • Leslie & David Wolff
  • Woodforest National Bank
  • Jodi & Fred Zipp


Protect Reasonable Cost-of-Living for Austinites.

40% of Austin families are considered moderate- or middle-income — they are the backbone of our city.

But Austin’s high cost of living is driving these workers away. We’re changing that with a $50 million capital raise to purchase existing apartment communities and ensure rent is in reach for the vital middle-class that makes our city work. Join us and invest in your community, your neighborhood, and your employees. Invest in Austin’s people. Invest in Austin’s future.

Make money. Feel Good.
Preserve what makes Austin Special.

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The Fund is the first ever institutional quality investment vehicle designed and dedicated to this mission. It is an investment focused on making a difference in the lives of our nurses, teachers, musicians, social workers, and others that make this city great. Join us in helping keep Austin’s workforce in Austin. A solid investment in our city’s on mission, but they have shown proof of concept and a successful business model. We will lose what makes Austin unique if rental affordability isn’t maintained for teachers, creatives, and other essential workers. I hope you will join us.